Dr. Kim Furtado

Naturopathic Doctor

                       For an appointment, 

             please call 302-945-2107

At Quakertown Wellness Center

1307 Savanah Road
Lewes Delaware 19958

REGISTRATION For Workshops is Open!  

Hormone balance for men and women, specializing in childbirthing and menopausal years

Detoxification of environmental toxins and oral chelation therapy

Food intolerances and environmental allergies

Digestive health and restoration

Naturopathic Medicine

Treating the underlying cause of illness

Stress management and support for life transitions

Depression, anxiety and general mind-body-spirit medicine support

Chronic illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, joint pain and brain health

Weight management support

Naturopathic medicine is 

not simply the evidenced based application of herbs, food and therapies.... 

but is a separate and distinct system of healing.